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N122 Amber in 14K Gold-filled Wire

Amber in 14K Gold-filled Wire * (with matching earrings $55.00). As pretty in the back as in the front, this necklace features beads that highlight the tattoo on the back of your neck or the “Up Do”. Amber is beneficially for memory, wisdom, decision making process, depression, and aides in joint problems, and is also a natural antibiotic.


N129 Ancient Stone of Antique Jade in Silver.

Ancient Stone of Antique Jade in Silver. Can’t find the perfect gift for your brilliant, bookworm friend? Well, you just found the perfect smart girl necklace. It is both intelligent and feminine. This brown Jade is a beautiful and powerful earthing stone, which helps one adjust to new environments. Also, it is beneficial for the physical body in that it aides in detoxification, filtration, elimination and general kidney support.


N128 Hand-Blown Glass & 2 Long Sterling Silver Beads

Hand-Blown Glass and 2 Long Beads in Sterling Silver.


CH102 "Sunbeam" Citrine, Hand-Blown Glass and Silver Beads in Sterling Silver

Freshwater Pearl, Citrine, Hand-Blown Glass Beads in Sterling Silver. Let the money rain down like sunbeams! Known as the stone that carries the power of the sun, Citrine absorbs and grounds negative energy, thus supporting the environment. It also aides people who are sensitive to environmental influences, helps to eliminate depression and fears. It is beneficial for attracting physical items of abundance into one’s life. A great stone to wear for family reunions as it helps “smooth out” family discord.


CH100 Chinese Ceramic Beads in Sterling Silver

Chinese Ceramic Beads in Sterling Silver. Go for a quick walk to the coffee shop around the corner in this simple, yet stunning white and blue ceramic bead necklace. Perfect with a white shirt and jeans.


CH106 Quartz Crystal and Hand-Blown Glass in Sterling Silver

Quartz Crystal and Hand-Blown Glass in Sterling Silver. Radiate as you walk down the hallways of your life. Crystal clear natural quartz amplifies other stones. It is the cosmic computer that supports your body’s immune system. It basically promotes good balance.


CH103 Carnelian and Sterling Silver India Bead

Carnelian and Sterling Silver Antique India Bead. This necklace flowed out of inspiration from a conversation with a circle of friends over a bottle a wine. What kind of necklace could I make that would make the woman feel as amazing as the necklace? The answer was this Carnelian natural stone necklace. Carnelian aides the brain in analytical processes, encourages vitality, boost metabolism, fights emotion negativity. Carnelian is a stone of abundance, it motivates for success in business and other matters.  It is also beneficial with people with blood disorders as it helps with absorption of vitamins and minerals; it is also known to be good for the heart and circulatory system. Finally, Carnelian has direct benefits when touching the skin to areas with arthritis, such as the lower back.


CH101 Turquoise, Brass, and Silver Beads

Turquoise w/a Brass Goldfish in Sterling Silver. Are you in love with fresh water venues? Are you the proud parent of a Koi pond? Is this your necklace? Turquoise is used as a healing stone and as a powerful energy conduit, Turquoise has been use as an amulet since time began. It is effective in defending against injury and outside influences. Turquoise also aides against depression, panic attacks and is a natural anti-inflammatory which helps reduce systems rheumatism and gout.


CH109 Sterling Silver Chain

Sterling Silver Chain, perfect for any pendant in my collection.


CH108 Sterling Silver Chain

Sterling Silver Chain, perfect for any pendant in my collection.