Designer, Kathy Walter's hands have been designing originial art jewelry since childhood. Kathy’s one-of-a-kind jewelry is where modern filigree and contemporary art flow together like wind and water. Her pieces are bold and sophisticated visual stories that contain beautiful metaphysical gemstones, hand-blown glass, and antique pieces collected along her world travels. 

Kathy actually began designing at the age of ten. Her success came with the encouragement and the help of her mother, Ann, who successfully sold Kathy's ware at her workplace. An artist was born! 

Her inspiration comes from the relationship of color, design and the vairety of available materials which can be used in her designs. The result is handcrafted, contemporary jewelry that is dramatic and evokes strong emotion when worn. Each piece is truly a work of art!


Bowers Museum of Southern California

Claremont, California Fair

One-of-a-Kind Show, Chicago, Illinois

South Shore Yacht Club, Newport, California

Art on the Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia

Sugarloaf, Dulles Expo, Virginia



Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine, California

Paul Revere Academy of Jewelry, San Francisco, California

Metal Smiths of Los Angeles (Member)

Bead Society of Orange County, California (Member)



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